Something's Coming....

Somethings Coming…(imagine the West Side Story tune here)

2019 has been fast and furious! I am gratefully overwhelmed by this year and it is only speeding up.

I was fortunate enough to close out 2018 doing what I love-delivering curriculum and connecting with lots of people. It was an experience that really catapulted me right into the new year. I had a new plan, a new direction, clarity and a defined path that I was excited to follow.

Then…life changed. You could say life zigged when I expected a zag. Now don’t get me wrong, zags can be good. Zags are awesome. But if you get motion sick, you’d better buckle up. In the span of 72 hours, I went from working part-time to working full-time (more on that later) and we went under contract for our first house (did I mention this is the house we previously made an offer on that was rejected?!?!) and in under 30 days we moved in and I began working full time. Buckle up!!

I have spent the last few months being the new kid at work (something I have not been for 15 years) and getting settled into our new home. It has been a whirlwind and I have loved it…well, most of it. Learning new stuff, getting to know new people, understanding a new (even remote) office dynamic, and all my baggage I thought I had shed over the last few years crept into my daily thoughts.

So, I intentionally took a “break” from thinking about this endeavor. My capacity was at its max and I really wanted to be present in all these amazing and new things that were going on. My coach gave me permission to take a break. (Translation: I gave myself permission to take a break and worked through the logistics with my amazing coach.)

This time has also given me weird spaces of time to reflect on my life. Grateful does not begin to cover all that I am feeling. And…I have learned a few lessons about myself. These are lessons I have learned previously, but, ya know, sometimes we need a refresher course.

1.      I love a good plan. I even love a bad plan. What I really love about a plan is that it can change. I can weather the zags and can even enjoy them sometimes. Changing a plan does not mean that I have failed. But it can mean that I open to new possibilities, opportunities, and tasty tidbits that the universe is offering. I imagine being told, “Here is your mission if you choose to accept it.”

2.      I need to connect with others! Like on the reg. Whether it is professionally, socially (want to come over for dinner?!?!), casually in the grocery or at the kids school, I do enjoy connecting with people.

3.      I prefer to work on one thing at a time. I am NOT good at multi-tasking. Research is now supporting that most people are not. But I can guarantee that I am at my best when I am focused on a single project at a time. When I am pulled in too many directions at once, I snap. Or, at the very least, I feel negative about my work, my interactions, and my overall being. When I choose to work on a single task or area of my life, I feel fulfilled, accomplished, and proud of whatever I have just worked on. It is a higher quality of work, thought and connection.

4.      I come alive when I can help others. Coaching, listening, cooking for, supporting, or helping with a project. I just dig it and it is what I am meant to do. I am working on getting more of that in my life.

5. I have people. Pretty amazing, wonderful, eclectic, loving and generous people in all areas of my life. Get your people, people. It is amazing how life can look and feel when you have people all over the place who just love the hell out of you.

6.      I can do dishes. And I prefer a dishwasher. Ok, this one is not a life changing revelation. But our dishwasher has been broken since we moved in and I have had to do all the dishes. By Hand. (#firstworldproblems).  What this has taught me is that it is great to learn how all the pieces of the process works before learning the shortcut or the new way. It really helps to understand what you are doing.

Truth is, I do not know what is coming. And I am all in. In the genius words of Leonard Bernstein “Something’s coming, I don’t know what it, is but it is gonna be great.”


Interested in finding out what happens next? Me too. Join me on this journey.